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The men's Monk Strap has earned a reputation as a statement shoe thanks to its high-impact closures and dignified feel. Distinctive yet versatile, it has the ability to go from traditional to trend-focussed with the quick change of an outfit. 


The monk strap is an intermediate formal shoe that's incredibly versatile. In fact, one could argue it is one of the most versatile dress shoes, as it pairs well with casual, business casual, and less formal business attire such as blazers, tweeds, navy and grey suits.


In temples and for services, monks in the US tend to go barefoot or sometimes wear socks. According to the Buddhist monastic codes shared by all Buddhist schools, a Buddhist monk must not wear a footwear that will cover his toes and heel. This makes wearing slippers or sandals allowable to monks.


You want to take a new shoes but you don’t know your size, so you can see this method to find down your shoe size.

You should prepare some items below to measure your Foot at Home:

- A papper

- A Pencil

-A ruler

Step 1: Place your foot firmly on top of the piece of paper

Place your foot on the paper, keep your foot firmly and do not move. Then mark the length and width of your foot on the paper. Finally, you measure the length and width your foot on the paper by ruler. You can see the image below.

(The way to measure your foot)

Step 2: Chosing the right shoe size

When you get your length and width measurements, you can find your shoe size on a sizing chart below.

(Size table)


-If you want to get right shoe size, you should measure in the evening because your foot will feel relax at time that can help you to get right shoe size

- You should measure both foot then chosing bigger version.

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Color Black, Sorret, Red, Navy, Brown
Size 40, 38, 39, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45